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Barak Obama…

March 5th, 2008

Barak ObamaI don’t really want to turn this blog into a political board, but at the same time, I see some things coming in this election that will have a great impact on us as outdoorsmen. I am surprised to see how much support Barak Obama has been raising. However, as an outdoorsman, his policies on gun control, and the 2nd Amendment scare me! I did some research into it a few days ago, and ended up writing an article on it.

If you have time, read this article on Barack Obama’s Gun Control Positions. We were up in arms 8 years ago because of the liberal gun control policies of Al Gore, and then 4 years ago because of the policies of John Kerry. From what I can tell, Obama will be just as liberal, and just as militant against our right to have guns. He has already tried to take away all semi-automatic firearms…there goes your Benelli from the gun cabinet!

There are a lot of other policies that I disagree with Barack Obama on, but I will save them for another place and time. This issue, however, is both close to my heart, and relevant to this readership. I encourage you all to check out what he believes on this issue before choosing to cast a vote for him!

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  2. Kris,

    I couldn’t of said it better. Your article was right on as well. Obama as the President of the United States is scary in a number of ways, but is especially scary for those who are law abiding gun owners.

  3. Very good article, Obama or Clinton both scare me because I value my individual rights and freedoms and it seems to me that both of those candidates are going to work at eliminating some more of our personal freedoms – like lawful gun ownership.

  4. Clinton and Obama both scare me as well. I just can’t comprehend how some people can’t see right through them. Very good article.

  5. I don’t know what everyone is so worried about. Clinton and Obama keep telling us that whatever they do once in office is only for our own good! Don’t you people trust them?
    If they say that we don’t need a weapon to protect ourselves or our families, then who are we to argue with them? LOL

    Thanks Kris for not letting these two slide on their records.

  6. Obama’s biggest supporters are John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, both of whom are big gun-control advocates. Both have enough juice and jack to buy bodyguards and hi-tech security to protect themselves. but they are all lawyers, you know, and you can be sure they will manipulate the legal system in order to suborn Second Amendment Rights. A grateful Obama will do whatever the puppetmasters want.

  7. well i don’t agree. i and i would love obama to be the president of the U.S.. so what ur sayin is not true. and the people thats scrared don’t be cuz obama got it he can make a change and i believe he can.:].peace.

  8. well i don’t agree. i and i would love obama to be the president of the U.S.. so what ur sayin is not true. and the people thats scrared don’t be cuz obama got it he can make a change and i believe he can.:].peace.

    “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message.”

    Payde four buy the futur tichers edumucated bye the Obama edumucational enishitives.

  9. i support obama…..i also understand where you’re comming from feeling worried about the whole “right to bear arms” situation…..but really, IS that the most important thing right now? yes, it’s our right as americans, and some would say that gun control policies would only lead to the government then slashing away at other rights, but i don’t believe that would happen….when politicians support gun control, it’s because they believe it’s a way to make our country a safer place….their intentions aren’t those of oppression. and as i stated before, we have much bigger problems facing this country…not voting for someone who otherwise has very good policies, just because of their stance on one issue is illogical.

  10. CM, I’m glad you stopped by, but you are completely wrong on the importance of this issue. This is a constitutional right, and I don’t care if BO thinks he can make me safer. The evidence proves that taking away guns does not make people safer, it makes them less safe.

    If he can take away the second amendment, can he also take away the first?

    BTW, this is not the one issue that I will vote against Obama for. He does not have “otherwise…good policies”. I disagree pretty much across the board with his policies. His recent gaffs in speeches prove his inexperience, and he will cause this country far more harm than good.

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