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The Next William Tell?

March 6th, 2008

Jacob Loading the BowA while back, I wrote a post about Jacob’s birthday, and the bow that we got for him. I also wrote a post reviewing the Matthews Genesis Mini Bow, so if you haven’t had a chance to see that make sure and go back and read it–especially if you have children that will be looking to start shooting any time soon!

Well, the weather finally broke here in WV, and we were able to get Jacob out to try his new bow. He had a ball with it! It didn’t take him long to be able to load it up, and shoot it by himself. I’m not sure why, but he was having a harder time hitting the target this time around. He started getting frustrated (I was seeing a bit of myself in him then!) and even threatened to quit. However, I convinced him that we were going to have to practice a lot for him to get good, and assured him that it wouldn’t be long until he was hitting the target all the time. That seemed to work, and he was ready to keep trying. As you can see from the pictures, he looks like he almost knows what he is doing!

Jacob Drawing BowWe did run into one problem while shooting however. It turns out, because of the way the bow is designed to be used with any draw length, that you have to be careful and not draw it too far back. If you draw it “to the wall”, then there is a chance that the string can jump off the cam wheel at the bottom of the bow. How do I know this you ask? Because we managed to do it. I was actually trying to show Jacob where to draw the bow to, and drew it too far on purpose to show that he was going to far sometimes. When we released the arrow, the string jumped the cam. Of course, I don’t have a bow press, so this meant a trip to the bow shop to get the bow restrung. The shop owner showed me how that problem occurs, so hopefully we will be able to avoid it in the future.

We got in about 4 or 5 rounds before the string jumped the cam, so he got to shoot it about 20 times or so. It was enough that he really got the bug. He can’t wait to take it with him up to his Papaw’s house and shoot his deer target with it. I figure Papaw can’t wait until Jacob brings it up either!

Jacob Shooting BowI got some pretty decent pictures of Jacob shooting. This one to the left is one I got just as he released an arrow, and before it cleared the bow. That was just luck, as he often shot too quickly for me to catch a picture. In these pictures, I think he has a pretty good form. One thing he kept trying to do was pull his head out away from the bow just before he releases the arrow. That made all of his shots pull to the left. When he gets a bit more experience with it, we will work on the form, and I am sure he will get those shots in the target.

Though he had fun shooting, he was not too terribly disappointed when the bow broke, because he still got to go out and play in the yard. As I said before, the weather has been terrible, and the kids have been cooped up inside for what seems like forever. So, while I tried to fix the bow, he took off up the hill, because as we all know, if there is a hill, a five year old boy has to climb it. And, of course, halfway up the hill was a large rock, so he had to climb that as well. It was good to get him outside, and let him have a little fun, and run off a bit of energy. Maybe, we will be able to get back out before too much longer, and let him get a bit more practice with that bow!

Jacob ClimbingJacob on the Wall

7 Responses to “The Next William Tell?”

  1. Suzy Brewer Says:
    March 6th, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Great pictures and story! Looks like he had fun and I can’t wait to see him shoot it at some point 🙂 I’m sure that deer target is trembling in fear knowing it’s gonna get used by a very excited five year old! 🙂

  2. It looks like he’s having fun. It would appear the birthday present was a big success.

    I’m also a bit jealous that the weather has gotten warmer there. We had snow again this morning. I’m so ready for some warmth and green grass. I love winter, but enough is enough.

  3. First I’m with Kristine. I’ve had enough winter as well.

    Second it looks like Jacob is having a blast. Too bad about the string deal, but now that you know about it hopefully you can keep it from happening again.

    I can’t wait for 5 years when I get to have an opportunity for something like this. Go read my announcement post. Things will become much clearer then. hehe!

  4. Patty Brewer Says:
    March 6th, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    Jacob looks like he is enjoying himself. Glad he likes his bow, and yes, papaw is looking forward to shooting with him!

  5. That is adorable from the camouflage to the little guy looking like a big guy with his bow.

  6. what great pictures & memories! I’m sure he’ll have hours of fun with that birthday present

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your son with us. He will make a great hunter one day. I know you are proud of him. He’s so lucky to have you as his Dad to take the time to show him how to use the tools for hunting. You are making memories…That’s great! 🙂

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