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Pennsylvania Trout Season to Open Soon…

March 9th, 2008

This article reminded me that Pennsylvania has an actual trout season. It comes in, at least in part of the state, March 29th. This short article also gives some good information for trout fishermen to remember as time draws closer to opening of the season. However, the purists among us may cringe at the advice of this expert fly fisherman.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I am fishing, I am willing to use anything that is legal to catch fish. Sometimes, I like to bait fish, using salmon eggs, worms, mealworms and the like. Sometimes I like to fly fish, and I use streamers, wet flies, or dries, depending on what the fish are biting. And, I am not opposed to tying on a glo worm, or a San Juan worm, what Mr. Daniels calls “candy flies”. I figure you have to go with what is biting! Along those lines, I enjoyed a post over at the Tennessee Valley Angler, which discusses some of the snobbery that sometimes surfaces around fly fishing. Elitists may not enjoy the article so much…

One thing that is mentioned in this article that is important is to remember to take the proper clothing for any kind of weather. I know that when I am going up into the mountains to fish, I often forget that the temperature is going to be quite a bit lower than where I live. The evenings can be especially cool. I try to remember to take sweatshirts, jackets and rain wear for every trip. You can never tell what will happen with the weather in the mountains!

I am glad that there is no closed season for trout fishing here in WV. We can fish for trout year round, and there are several places that hold trout over through the summer and winter. Through the spring, the DNR stocks a lot of rivers, and we also have several streams that hold native brook trout.

I still haven’t had the chance to get out and fish yet this year. I am hoping to maybe hit a stream later this week. We’ll see if I can actually get out, and if I can actually catch anything. It has been so long since I have been on a stream, I may have forgotten how to catch fish…

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  1. We have a Trout Season for when you can keep trout – you are allowed to fish for them all year but can only keep them for part of the year – my husband took me trout fishing for the first time in the summer of ’06 and I loved it! However… If I’m putting the bait on my hook it has to be man-made, I can’t handle the live stuff – guess that’s my “girly” side coming out, fortunately my husband is willing to do that for me. I’m learning to take my own fish off the hook though – as long as it doesn’t flop! 🙂

  2. Elitists in something as simple as fishing. Makes as much sense as tatooing the bottom of your foot.

    Thanks for the read. If you’re ever down our way, drop on by!

  3. hey Matt, i’m down you all’s way at least a couple of times per year…i’ll have to look you all up!

  4. Fishing is very fun to do..The blog details is well done..Great post!!

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