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Starting Them Young…

September 7th, 2009

I have tried to introduce my kids to the outdoors at a very early age.  Some people have asked me what I would do if my kids grew up and didn’t like hunting.  That may happen.  I certainly don’t plan on forcing them to like it.  I try to be very patient with them, as they learn about hunting and fishing.  But, if my kids’ attitude right now is any indication, I think they are going to love the outdoor sports.  You’ve read some about my older kids, and how much they have taken to going to deer camp, shooting guns and bows, and fishing.  Now it is time for the youngest, JonDavid to join the exploits of his older siblings.

Recently, JonDavid has taken to watching hunting shows on TV.  For the record, JonDavid will be two in November (he’s our hunting season baby, and got the middle name “Hunter” without much complaint from my wife).  He enjoys watching the animals, and hunts so much that he asks for the Outdoor Channel to be put on when he comes in the living room.  When he gets TV time while my wife is teaching school to the two older children, he asks for hunting shows.  This morning, a friend came over, and I was showing him the new scope I installed on my muzzle loader.  When JonDavid saw it, he shouted out, “hunt deer, hunt deer.”  I think he is getting ready for deer season too!

A few days ago, I got out the camera and videoed JonDavid as he was playing in the living room, and watching hunting shows.  If anti-hunters stumble on this they will say he is being “brainwashed”, but in reality, he has developed this love of all things hunting on his own, as he watches the hunting shows.  He doesn’t even remember hunting camp from last year!  Here is the video of JonDavid:

I think I definitely have another little hunting buddy! It won’t be long till Jacob will be shooting, and from the looks of it, JonDavid won’t be too far behind him. It is great to share the love of the outdoors through 3 generations. I know my dad loves sharing time with the grandkids in the woods as well. This is the type of activity that I hope we can continue to share through 3 more generations!

6 Responses to “Starting Them Young…”

  1. I hope my daughter develops a love for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors as well. If she doesn’t I will survive, and I would never force it on her, but I hope that by getting her involved early that she develops a love of nature like I have.

    It looks like you’re youngest is well on his way too. What a great vid!

  2. We hope Sugar and Goose both get into hunting as well. Right now my 9 year old nephew is getting to go with the guys a lot more when they are scouting and target shooting and etc… so it’s fun to watch him and look forward to the day that it will be my kids I’m watching… not that I want them to hurry up and grow up or anything like that 🙂

  3. look like he will enjoy his hunting

  4. Cool video. I’ve got one about that age, and we spent some time watching hunting shows together last night. I know he’s on the right track because when he woke up the other day the first thing he said was “Where’s my boots?” and the second thing he said was “Where’s my gun?”

  5. ..nice video, i really like the kid. he enjoy playing together with his dad.. i want my son soon, to be like him..

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